Tape That

London Street, Top of the Town

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend One

Date: Saturday 22 June
Time: 10.45am and 3.30pm
Location: London Street, Top of the Town
Date: Sunday 23 June
Time: 12.30pm and 2pm
Location: Oakridge Hall For All, Oakridge

Tape That is a charming, light-hearted, non-verbal acrobatic duet. Two performers construct a visual world using colourful tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics. A simple roll of tape transforms from DJ decks to a spyglass and is stretched to create physical barriers and obstacles for the performers to navigate.

Tape That is a playful exploration of the world we live in; when challenges present themselves, just how many problems can be fixed with a few rolls of duct tape?

Duration: 25 minutes

Tape That offers the following access resource:

Easy read guide

Two performers wear beige clothing and perform infront of an audience. One is leaping in the air whilst the other looks up towards them. There are colourful rolls of duct tape stacked as part of the performance.

Tape That is commissioned by Applause Rural Touring and the Roundhouse, in partnership with FiraTàrrega’s Support for Creation programme. Also supported by Arts Council England and 101 Outdoor Arts.


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