The Wee Folk

War Memorial Park

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend Two

Date: Saturday 29 June
Time: 11.30am and 2pm
Location: War Memorial Park

Irish Deaf performance artist and actor Paula Clarke in collaboration with hearing writer and actor Charis McRoberts are delighted to present The Wee Folk. This new accessible piece of outdoor theatre introduces children and families to a magical world of myth and legend. Join spirits of the forest Fiadh and Sion on an exciting adventure as they play tricks and tell tales about the wee folk of the wilderness.

Knock, knock – who’s there? Whisper for a wish and they may grant it but continue to pull down the trees and litter our earth and they may come after you!

Duration: 30 to 40minutes

This year, Basingstoke Festival is partnering with Deaf Explorer to showcase new works by two emerging artists. Through this collaboration, we aim to enrich our festival with diverse and innovative creations.

Audience members are invited to offer feedback to the artists at the end of the shows to help inform the development of the pieces. Join us in celebrating the creativity and resilience of these artists as they unveil their new work right here in Basingstoke.

Deaf Explorer is an organisation that promotes access and inclusion for deaf artists. They work to break down barriers in the arts by connecting the cultural sector and communities with the development of visual artists, theatre makers, choreographers, and more.


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