Time Traveller’s Trail

Meet at Triumphal Gate, Top of the Town

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend One

Date: Saturday 22 June
Time: 11.30am and 2.30pm
Location: Meet at Triumphal Gate, Top of the Town
Date: Sunday 23 June
Time: 12pm and 2pm
Location: Meet at Tadley Library, Mulfords Hill

Calling all brave explorers from 4 to 4004. Your century needs you! Finally, Time Travel has arrived! Yet these two tourists from the future appear to be a little lost! Come and join the Time Travellers Trail, become an honorary member of their secret society, navigate through the twists and turns of time, and help safeguard our future. Don’t let time stand still, join the revolution today! (Small print – Or at any time if you own your own Time Travel machine.

Time Travelling siblings and grownups welcome. Curious minds encouraged. All those intending to travel through time understand that it involves risks, including but not limited to- temporal disorientation, potential exposure to historical hazards, and unforeseen alterations to the timeline!)

Join Sarah Thomas-Lane in a new adventure especially commissioned by Basingstoke Festival and designed specifically for the location the performance takes place in and make your mark in the history books.

Duration 45 minutes.


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