The Malls

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend Three

Date: Saturday 6 July
Time: 1.30pm and 4pm
Location: The Malls
Date: Sunday 7 July
Time: 12.45pm and 3.30pm
Location: The Malls

With a blend of acrobatics, movement and humour, this heart-warming performance dismantles big problems into moments of laughter, celebrating hope and support to leave you with a smile, unforgettable imagery and a spring in your step.

While Weight(less) doesn’t offer solutions, the three acrobats provide reflections on the world we live in and the emotions we experience, inviting audiences of all ages and backgrounds to laugh, cry, and dream together. Join us for this joyful escape from the chaos of everyday life, celebrating the courage it takes to keep on going when times are tough.

Duration: 30minutes


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Basingstoke Festival

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Basingstoke Festival

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