Live Art Experience

Outside the Wote Street Club

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend Three

Date: Saturday 6 July
Time: Drop-in between 11am to 4pm
Location: Outside the Wote Street Club

Visual Deaf Artist Emily Rose is coming to Basingstoke Festival to present a Live Art Experience engaging with the audience, playing with the art materials, and responding to sounds (music), visuals and texture. Welcoming the audience to join in the fun!

This year, Basingstoke Festival is partnering with Deaf Explorer to showcase new works by two emerging artists. Through this collaboration, we aim to enrich our festival with diverse and innovative creations.

Audience members are invited to offer feedback to the artists at the end of the shows to help inform the development of the pieces. Join us in celebrating the creativity and resilience of these artists as they unveil their new work right here in Basingstoke.

Deaf Explorer is an organisation that promotes access and inclusion for deaf artists. They work to break down barriers in the arts by connecting the cultural sector and communities with the development of visual artists, theatre makers, choreographers, and more.


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