Fluid Motion Theatre present

The Greatest Show on Earth

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend one

Saturday 24 June
11am to 12:30pm, 1pm to 3pm and 3:45pm to 5:15pm
Eastrop Park – banks of the Loddon

Sunday 25 June
10:30am to 12noon, 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 3pm to 4:30pm
Eastrop Park – banks of the Loddon

Performances take place every 15 mins between the times listed above.

Performances last for 15 mins.

The Greatest Show on Earth

What you are about to see will blow your mind. It is important. It is fantastical and phenomenal. You need to see this. It is the most amazing performance ever!

We don’t need any fancy technology, big flashing lights or smoke machines to put on our greatest show. We have something much simpler than that. 

The Greatest Show on Earth is an outdoor performance installation created by Fluid Motion Theatre Company that encourages us to look differently at the spaces around us, to immerse ourselves in the natural world to improve our wellbeing. 

Suitable for all ages. 

Running time approximately 15 minutes. 



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Basingstoke Festival

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Basingstoke Festival

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