Junk Jodie presents


Basingstoke Festival

Weekend two

Saturday 1 July
1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm
Winklebury Gala

Sunday 2 July
11am and 1:30pm
Cross Street


Join Junk Jodie on a new journey into the sea. “Sea-TACULAR” follows the story of Wanda Whale, made from a plastic bottle, as she goes on an adventure through the Ocean, only to discover lots of litter damaging the sea. Wanda goes on a journey, meeting lots of recycled under water creatures, Olly Octopus, Pursy Puffer fish and Sharon Shark, drawing attention to how humans can take better care of the sea. Educational, yet fun, bonkers but important, this show will have all the sparkle of Rainbow-LICIOUS and more! Aiming to stimulate children’s imagination, showing them what they can make using recycled materials. This show also Includes, sing songs, rhymes and ends in a short craft activity.

Designed for 3-8 years old. Each show is 20/25 minutes long plus a 10 min craft activity.



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