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From Friday 23 June to Sunday 9 July

Poetic Basingstoke

Download the Overhear app to explore the poetic side of Basingstoke. Tune in to the words of local poet and playwright Rebecca Lyon, read by local voice artist Naomi Escott. Walk to the locations pinned on the app to unlock the recording.

Listen to the perspective of a poet at a unique point in time in a specially selected place. What does it mean to be you, here, now?

There are twelve poems, all rooted in specific locations in the town which you can access on the Overhear app.

  1. Market Place – facing the Jane Austen statue , RG21 7QD
  2. Cross Street by Willows Coffee House and by the Blue Coat Boy statue, town centre, RG21 7DD
  3. Haymarket Theatre, Wote Street, RG21 7NW
  4. Boating lake in Eastrop Park, Eastrop Lane,  RG21 4QB
  5. Bird aviary in War Memorial Park, RG21 3AE
  6. Proteus Creation Space, Council Road, RG21 3DH
  7. Glebe Gardens, Church Street, RG21 7QT
  8. Basingstoke Train Station, Station Hill, station, RG21 5NB
  9. Holy Ghost Chapel, RG21 5TB
  10. Amphitheatre by Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke town centre
  11. Village Hotel in Basing View business park
  12. London Street, the Top of the Town by the Triumphal Gates Triumphal Gates

Visit the Overhear website for more information:

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You can also find out more about local poet Rebecca Lyon and the Overhear app project in this blog from Love Basingstoke 


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