Eastrop Park

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend One

Date: Saturday 22 June
Time: 1.30pm and 4.30pm
Location: Eastrop Park
Date: Sunday 23 June
Time: 11.30am and 3.15pm
Location: Eastrop Park

Timeless is about the passing of time and the fear that we as humanity are literally running out of it. Joli Vyann uses their unique and dynamic style of dance, circus and theatre on a 7m high rotating hourglass, to tell the story of civilisation as we know it and its fragile relationship with time and nature.

Four performers dance, leap, gracefully balance and throw themselves with acrobatic prowess around, on and inside the rotating hourglass. This is a dare devil yet poignantly sensitive representation of the ambiguous nature of time and the threat of irreversibility in relation to climate change.

Duration: 35 minutes

A performer pulls against a large metal sandtimer. Green trees are out of focus in the background.

Basingstoke Festival is a partner in Without Walls, a network of organisations bringing innovative outdoor arts to towns and cities across England. Find out more on

Timeless has been supported by Without Walls, commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Timber Festival, Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Co-commissioned by: Bournemouth Arts by the Sea, Imagine Watford, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow, The Point, Eastleigh. Additional support by: Pavilion Dance South West, The Point, Eastleigh, Seachange Arts,101 Outdoor Arts. R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.

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