The Bonkers Balloon Science Show

Cross Street, Top of the Town

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend Three

Date: Saturday 6 July
Time: 10.30am and 12.30pm
Location: Cross Street, Top of the Town

The Bonkers Balloon Science Show, will bring science to life and encourage the next generation of Basingstoke scientists. Balloons are fun, right?

Well, if balloons are fun then that must mean that science is fun! Full of spills, thrills explosions and pops, Local celebrity, Becky the Balloonatic, loves balloons and wants you to see just how much we can learn from them. What is a prediction? How do we carry out an experiment? What do we mean by equipment? Just what is science…?

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Tomato Energy is proud to be in partnership with Basingstoke Festival, a family-friendly free outdoor arts festival of music, dance, visual art and street theatre.

Tomato Energy is an energy provider with a difference…Looking after our planet, and in turn our communities, is one of the most important roles we all have. Together we can make a real impact and that is our vision at Tomato Energy.

We are dedicated to helping communities become more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and self-sufficient through wide scale installation of solar panels and energy storage.  Our revolutionary ten-year fixed price electricity bundle includes solar panel and battery storage installation, making it an affordable way for homeowners to become sustainable and plan for the future. (Prices start from just £80 per month!)

For households who don’t have space for solar panels, Tomato Energy offers competitive energy only tariffs and have an easy switching process to help you get started today.

We are looking forward to meeting our local Basingstoke community at this fantastic festival! Stop by our stand to talk about how we can support your household through reducing energy bills and exploring sustainable solutions!


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