Serving Sounds

Winchester Street, Top of the Town

Basingstoke Festival

Weekend Three

Date: Saturday 6 July
Time: 3pm, 4.30pm, 5.45pm and 7.30pm
Location: Winchester Street, Top of the Town
Date: Sunday 7 July
Time: 11am and 1pm
Location: Outside Woodlands Stores, Penwood, RG20 9EU

Serving Sounds is a multi-sensory sound installation that creates connection through music – a bar that serves bass rather than beer. The installation is an interactive work, playful and joyful.

You’ll find the ordinary items you’d usually expect to find, such as glasses, a lemon, the odd bit of change but at this bar, these items when touched will create a groove, a sound, strings, a snare, maybe a guitar, or synths if you like. It’s a dance party like no other, accept this one is on the street right in front of you.

Duration: 60minutes

Basingstoke Festival is a partner in Without Walls, a network of organisations bringing innovative outdoor arts to towns and cities across England. Find out more on

Serving Sounds is supported by Without Walls.

Developed with the support of Lighthouse Poole, Theatre Orchard, Out There Arts, Freshly Greated, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea, BCP Council and Activate Performing Arts.

Commissioned and produced by Activate Performing Arts, producers of Inside Out Dorset, with funding from Arts Council England.

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Basingstoke Festival

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