Just More Productions present

“Do What Yah Mama Told Yah!“

Basingstoke Festival

Day 9 and 10

Saturday 2 July
Sunday 3 July
12noon and 3pm
London Street

“Do What Yah Mama Told Yah!“

A feast of food fusion and storytelling across geography and generations, in this immersive and vibrant comedy circus show! International contemporary circus artist Blaze and touring circus chef and performer Fatina are Mother and Daughter in a plate spinning, food juggling, fire blazing show, bringing the family kitchen and its recipes from the world to life. Join them on their joyous journey to its epic hula hooping finale!

Just More Productions is a new community engagement company using food history and performance to educate and entertain. Just More is a family-led company from first and second-generation alternative travelling circus community. Having collaborated as mother and daughter, they started a journey bringing food history and circus performance together. Through their shared experience they created a vibrant environment bringing people and cultures together.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported via Articulture by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.

Do What Your Mamma Told Yah! is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival and Just So Festival.


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