Whispered Tales present

Distant Drums

Basingstoke Festival

Day 2 and 3

Saturday 25 June
Sunday 26 June
12noon and 2.30pm
London Street

Distant Drums

Distant Drums is a dynamic and thought provoking experience that tells the story of Reggae Sound System culture and its role in the fight for racial equality. Written by Madu Messenger, narrated by Macka B, soundtrack by Vibronics.

Sound System was born in the ghettos of Jamaica, shipped to the UK aboard the Windrush and now transmitted across the globe. It is the beating heart of DIY bass-heavy Caribbean-rooted music. It is Ska and it is Reggae for sure, but it is also Grime, Rave, Jungle, Dubstep, Hip Hop and more. It is about throwing your own party your own way with a wall of hand-broadcasting the kind of news that the mainstream media shy away from, and it is something so many paid the ultimate price for, as the enslaved black population of the West Indies sought to band together in the toughest of times.


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