The Pretty Sure Tour

Basingstoke Festival

Day 9 and 10

Saturday 2 July
Sunday 3 July
Meet at the Triumphal Gates
1pm and 3.30pm

The Pretty Sure Tour

Think you’ve heard the history of Hampshire? We don’t think you’ve heard it like this before! It’s Wanda Round’s first day on the job as a professional tour guide and she’s pretty sure she’s ready to show you the most curious locations of yesteryear. Accompanied by a merry soundtrack as performed by her talented (if perturbed) new colleague Joy, The Pretty Sure Tour will escort you from the depths of the River Test to the heights of Ms Austen’s Alton and back again.

This new family show combines music, game playing, history and humour to provide an entertaining experience for people of all ages (including the Saxon, Georgian, Victorian ages and more). This Summer, wade with us through the watercress and take a wander with a Wanda that you’ll never forget!

“My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Would definitely recommend! ” An (actual) audience member, 2022


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Basingstoke Festival

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