Emergency Exit Arts

Recovery Poems

Basingstoke Festival

Day 15 and 16

Friday 9 July
Saturday 10 July
Market Place from 11am to 8pm on Friday.
Triumphal Gates, London Street from 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

Recovery Poems

A poignant light installation which encourages people to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and explore changes we can all make as we recover from its effects will bring Basingstoke Festival to a close this weekend.

Basingstoke is one of only a few locations across the UK to be visited by Robert Montgomery and Deanne Rodgers’ inspiring installation, Recovery Poems.

Recovery Poems is a temporary light installation developed by London-based company Emergency Exit Arts.

Designed as an emotional response to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists have listened to communities throughout the UK asking questions including how do we commemorate what’s been lost as we start to take tentative steps to coming out of lockdown? What do we want to hold onto and grow? What positive changes can we make to society and the natural environment as we recover from the pandemic?

The piece will be displayed outside the Willis Museum in Market Square between 11am and 8pm this Friday and will then take pride of place in front of the Triumphant Gates in London Street between 11am and 8pm on Saturday.

The Triumphal Gates herald the entrance to the town centre. The gates contain sixteen decorative panels, depicting images of local significance, both historical and modern.

Bringing 17 days of arts and culture across the town to an end, the emotional and thought-provoking installation is the final piece of national art to visit this year’s Basingstoke Festival.


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