By Kev Munday


Basingstoke Festival
Friday 15 June to
Sunday 8 July

Kev Munday

The distinctive art of Basingstoke’s Kev Munday will be unmissable throughout this year’s festival. Kev has created a special piece of work which includes music, theatre and visual arts iconography alongside some landmarks of the town. He explained: “Pigeons, roundabouts, Stagecoach buses, The Willis Museum, The Haymarket… theseare just a few things I think of when I think of my hometown!” Keep your eyes peeled for the special Kev board – why not have a #bfkevselfie taken with it?

“Kev’s pieces are just so full of joy! His cast of characters is cool, but at the same time totally free from pretention and remind me of works by Keith Haring. I love that they’re observed from life – they speak to the fact that we’re all different and celebrate colourful, harmonious diversity.”
Jonas Algrem, Artfinder
Basingstoke Festival

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Basingstoke Festival

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