Proteus Youth Theatre present

Grimm Tales

Basingstoke Festival

Day 2 and 3

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 June
1pm and 5pm
The Walled Garden, Down Grange

Grimm Tales

Once Upon a Time… 

Proteus Youth Theatre present a unique reimagining of the Works of the Brothers Grimm. Classic fairy tales as you’ve never seen them before, newly crafted but told in the spirit that these dark and twisted stories were originally intended.

Bringing together over 45 young people from across the borough, aged between 8-18, Proteus Youth Theatre bring their trademark wit and vibrant flair for storytelling to this original production of famous fairy tales from across history.

Blending physical theatre, puppetry, clowning, singing and dancing, this colourful collection of stories will bring plenty of light-hearted fun and silliness to the beloved traditional tales, and will be performed in the stunning surroundings of Basingstoke’s Walled Garden this June!

And they lived Happily Ever After… Or did they?

Directed by Alex Lonsdale, Marcus Bazley & Jak Ford-Lane

Devised by Proteus Youth Theatre

Original artwork by Kez Braybrook

£10 adults / £8 concessions


Basingstoke Festival

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