Basingstoke Festival – Friday 21 June to Sunday 7 July 2019



Basingstoke Festival is an annual arts festival designed to showcase the best of the arts locally, nationally and internationally. From music to dance, visual art to theatre, let the festival help you to ‘discover art in unusual places’.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in 2019, please email Basingstoke Festival

Picture: dip – Max Calaf (photo Alex Harvey Brown)

art in unusual places


Friday 21 June to Sunday 7 July 2019

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Be the face of Basingstoke Festival

Fancy helping to deliver a fantastic programme of outdoor entertainment?

Play an important part in this year’s Basingstoke Festival by volunteering to become a festival ambassador, looking after performers, helping with enquiries from the public and setting up events.

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Basingstoke Festival is a partner in Without Walls, working with festivals and artists and bringing fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across the UK. Find out more:

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Full programme announcement May 2019



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