Basingstoke Festival 2021


Basingstoke Town Centre

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Buskers Code of Conduct 2021:

  1. Be a good neighbour and consider other citizens, buskers, passers-by and law enforcement. Maintain good relations with others, including local cops and business owners.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, pitches are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. Artists should not set up within 50 feet of another busker without first consulting with them.
  4. Artists with loud instruments/voices are encouraged to:
  • Find locations that conflict or interfere with the fewest artists and cause fewest community complaints.
  • Consult with other street artists in immediate performing area about volume and seek mutual solutions.
  • If requested to reduce the volume of music, buskers should try to do so, as far as possible, by playing quieter tunes.
  • Instruments should not be amplified as this requires a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)
  1. Buskers should not obstruct the flow of pedestrians, vehicles on highway, entrances to shops, fire exits, cycle stands, bus stops, and cash machines. In particular, sites close to fire exits, clash-points or doorways should be avoided. There are a number of bylaws to consider – there is a relevant section in our street trading policy Street Trading Policy 2017 ( section 10.16
  2. Remind any crowd to keep a clear access along the highway, footpath or pedestrianized area.
  3. Stop the entertainment immediately if the highway is blocked by the entertainment or the crowd, or if there is a risk to the safety of any individual or damage to a highway or structure. You will be performing on council land and can be moved on by the CSPOs, authorised officers of the council (EHOs) and police if they see fit.
  4. Entertainers are not permitted to use ancient monument, street furniture, such as public seats, lamp-posts, bollards, planters and railings as part of their performance.
  5. No merchandise (e.g Cds, posters, etc) may be offered for sale.
  6. Busking in the streets should not start before 10am and should finish by 6pm.
  7. An entertainer should not perform for longer than one hour and a half in any location, and should not perform again at that location (or 50m from it) for three hours.
  8. The performance area should be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  9. Street entertainers must not actively request money, but may have some form of container (e.g box, hat, or musical instrument case) into which they can accept donations from member of the general public in return for their performance.
  10. Performances must not be delivered in a manner that is dangerous to you or to members of the public.
  11. Every busker is the creator of his or her own performance and is responsible for what he or she presents to his audience street. Vulgar, dangerous, aggressive or hostile behaviour and unwillingness to co-operate with others are inadmissible for us.

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